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In a Michigan farmer’s field, a woolly mammoth fossil was discovered

At around eight feet deep, while excavating a field for drainage purposes, the state of Michigan uncovered a material that resembled wood. According to the Detroit Free Press, the farmers quickly discovered they were striking bone rather than wood.

Is it an osu bone? They phoned the University of Michigan, who informed Daniel Fisher, the museum’s paleontology curator. Fisher decided upon arrival that it was not the osu the farmers had discovered, but rather a Mammoth.

According to the Free Press, Fisher and his colleague had only one day to unearth the mammoth’s bones since the farmers needed to continue their work. They discovered a skull, tusks, ribs, and some vertebrae; the missing components may have been stolen by people who ate the animal.

Fisher told the Free Press that this mammoth may be a Jeffersonian Mammoth – a hybrid that is neither a Woolly Mammoth nor a Columbian Mammoth, but is nonetheless extremely enormous, very spectacular, and not something that is often discovered through fieldwork.

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