“Grey” is the most common extraterrestrial look mentioned in the bulk of encounter cases. They are also known as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or Gray, and are thought to be extraterrestrial. Greys became a worldwide sensation after the 1947 accident in Nevada. They’re grey-skinned, extraordinarily tiny humanoids with no outward human body components like noses, ears, or reproductive organs.

There are several ideas about the existence of Greys, with some claiming that they are future humans who have lost their capacity to reproduce, necessitating the use of humans for breeding. Dr. David Jacobs backs up this strange idea. Grey aliens, he claims, were developed by abducting people since they had a slit for a mouth, which “doesn’t make sense.”

Dr. David Jacobs, a retired Associate Professor of History at Temple University, revealed the Greys’ biological structure, claiming that they were made using human DNA. The professor is certain that grey aliens were produced from the DNA of abducted people after noticing the similarities in look between them and humans.

Dr. Jacobs is a ufologist who often speaks to the press about his theories and suspicions. He previously stated that aliens have been strolling among humans on Earth for a long time and that they are plotting a full-scale invasion.

Dr. Jacobs sheds some light on the alien abduction phenomena in an interview with Richard Dolan in 2018. The Greys have scarcely discernible earholes, nose holes, and tiny small mouths, according to Dr. Jacobs. The Greys interact telepathically with the kidnapped, and no one has ever detected that they are breathing, therefore these components do not appear to play a vital function in their physiology.

“Why do they have a slit for a mouth?” says the narrator. They don’t breathe, and there’s no proof that they do, and they go really near to humans, sometimes touching their foreheads,” he added.

“‘Do you feel their breath on your face?’ I’ve questioned folks.” No is always the answer. They don’t have lungs, have extremely thin tiny bodies, and their lungs don’t extend and contract back and forth.”

“They don’t speak; everything is done by telepathy.” They do not eat in the same manner as humans do. So, why is there a mouth slit there? The idea is that the grey aliens most likely had human DNA… which enabled for the creation of grey aliens.”

“I have no idea, but it’s my best hypothesis, and it all goes back to the slit for a mouth that they shouldn’t have.” This comes on the heels of a recent allegation by an ex-NASA scientist that humanity would establish contact with aliens within the “next couple of years.”

Earth is being kidnapped in order to invade it.

Abductions by extraterrestrials have been going on for decades. The biblical rapture is even thought to be about a mass abduction of people. The abductions, according to Dr. Jacobs, are being carried out in order to prepare for the invasion.

In the new documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations,” the professor reveals some of his discoveries. After examining alien abductions, Dr. Jacobs came to the terrifying conclusion that an alien species is preparing to conquer Earth.

“We’ve traveled throughout the globe and conquered all we can… We don’t know if this applies to other creatures, but it surely applies to what humans have done. “My best estimate – and this is just a hunch – is that they’re both doing it,” he added.

He claimed to have spoken to a huge number of abductees who indicated they will have a “task to accomplish” in the future. Many of the abductees, he claims, recall receiving similar “crowd control” instructions.

Dr. Jacobs also claims that the testimony of abductees began to shift over time. In the UFOs, the individuals claimed to have observed human-like aliens. “A person is pulled out of their usual surroundings, they’re then placed on this table and they get an examination of sorts,” he said of the Corina Saebels Encounter. “I say of kinds because it’s not a normal type of examination ; sperm is extracted and eggs are collected.”