In less than 3 seconds, mysterious items execute a full 360-degree turn. Even for a fast aircraft like the F-16 or F/A-18, these things are travelling quicker beyond anything you’d expect to see.

Around midnight on November 6, 2018, an Apache helicopter multi-sensor imaging system filmed this incident about 40 miles northwest of Tucson, Arizona.

The movie shows numerous unidentified objects maneuvering in ways that no other aircraft can.

The three unknown aircraft appear to be flying in a rough triangle configuration in the footage, though it’s impossible to tell.

All three unidentified objects near Picacho’s Peak appear to be spinning around each other, as though on an unseen axis, with a consistent eastward direction. The mysterious objects continue to revolve in a blunt triangle as the Apache takes off, then vanish from view.

Despite the encounter lasted only a few seconds, this is one of the first video records produced by a military sensor system, displaying the exceedingly unique flying characteristics of a UFO.

Chris Lehto, a former US Air Force jet pilot, believes the objects are plainly abnormal.

“At a distance, it seems to be three independent things. The velocity of acceleration is the first thing that strikes you,” said Lehto, who spent 20 years in the Air Force flying F-16s.

Lehto’s examination of the video recorded by the Apache chopper crew reveals a lot about why the three objects shown in the video are unlikely to be ordinary planes constructed on Earth.

The expert pilot notes that the rate at which objects accelerate is unlike anything he’s ever seen as a pilot. On the contrary, even for a high-performance fighter like the F-16 or F/A-18, objects appear to be traveling quicker than we might anticipate.

The rotations performed by the three objects appear to imply that the UFOs were not mechanical in origin, which is arguably the most stunning feature Lehto discovered.

“They change height and direction, but not how humans would fly, like an airplane would fly,” Lehto added, concluding that the objects display characteristics that defy explanation based on what he saw in the video.

Based on the strange circular flight route that the objects reveal towards the conclusion of the clip, Lehto said that circular dance moves are just not conceivable.

“They can turn 360 degrees in less than 3 seconds,” Lehto said, adding that “the F-16 can turn 360 degrees in around 26 seconds in a flat turn at Mach 0.8, 7 Gs, and 14 deg/sec.”