NASA is attempting to hide the existence of this 3-5 mile long UFO by stating that the explosion was caused by a meteor that struck with the sea over the Bering Sea this week.

They couldn’t conceive of a more compelling cause for this gigantic UFO to be flying over the sea.

As reported by Yahoo News:

“The blast would yield around 173 kilotons of energy, more than 10 times the energy unleashed by Hiroshima’s atomic weapon during World War II.”

It suggests that an explosion with a 30-60 mile radius should be seen, but it isn’t. It doesn’t look like there’s been an explosion! It appears to be a three-mile-long extraterrestrial craft.

They made up the argument that it was a meteor since the enormous UFO was seen on worldwide radars and weather satellites.

Isn’t it true that a meteor flying at such a high speed through the atmosphere would leave a path that would heat the air?

If we send ships there to investigate, I’m convinced that as soon as we get close, the instruments will go crazy and malfunction until we leave.