This is an incredible and incredibly detailed UFO encounter, which is why I’ve decided to write about it now.

Given our familiarity with hazy pictures, this is a magnificent Flying Disk type Saucer with about as much information as we can bear at once. But, because someone took the time to photograph it and report it to MUFON, the least I can do is write a story about it, and it’s a good one.

In the United Kingdom, the city of Hull has a lengthy history of UFO encounters. This photograph was shot about 15 years ago. In 2006, the Nokia Brick 2.0 was the craze, and having a camera on it was a pipe dream.

He was throwing out the garbage when he observed something out of the corner of his eye that he identified as a UFO, so he rushed to his camera and caught the following:

Keep in mind that in 2006, there were no smartphones, therefore there were no phone-based video or photo editing programs… So there you have it!

MUFON Case # 4554. It was reported on the 18th of March, 2006, about 2:30 p.m.

Something that mankind hasn’t accepted is constantly floating around the globe. Instead of Unidentified Flying Objects, the acronym UFO should stand for Uninvited, Flying Objects. However, it does have a saying that is unlikely to alter.

Do you consider this to be one of the most detailed Flying Saucers you’ve ever seen? In most situations, the process of zooming in and losing pixels leads UFO photographs to appear hazy.

The following is the whole description provided by the eyewitness on the day he reported it to MUFON:

Detailed description

I was putting out the garbage at the time of the incident. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed something and hastily grabbed my camera. The item looked to be floating through the woods.

There’s always something going on, but recently, the entire planet has been tormented by a big influx of UFO Orbs. Everyone these days appears to be seeing UFOs, and it’s just become better since the US government approved UAPs. The release of many UFO recordings revealing what the government referred to as UAPs was the long-awaited UFO revelation. This has been a long time coming for many people. Unfortunately, because many people still believe in UFOs, it flew right over their heads.

Anyway, I really hope that the magnificent close-up shapes on this UFO are exactly what you were looking for, and that you can now make an informed decision about what you think. This sighting adds to the more than 2,500 UFO news stories I’ve previously written. Although not all of them were true at the time, many looked to be at the time.