The issue of alien abductions and alien implantation has piqued people’s interest for years, and if found to be real, it may be considered one of the most compelling pieces of evidence pointing to the presence of extraterrestrial life.

After many years of investigation into UFO occurrences by various persons all around the world, a massive quantity of “official” material has been accessible to the general public. In 2013, the National Archives of the United Kingdom, for example, disclosed a wide range of data, including sightings, images, and even sketches, to indicate human contact with extraterrestrials.

The subject of whether aliens exist or not has never been formally resolved, but it has remained unanswered for years, despite massive evidence accumulating over the last decade that directly shows the existence of not just aliens, but also creatures from other “dimensions.”

There have been hints that aliens and humans have interacted since the dawn of humanity. Factors like unusual body marks and implants taken from persons who claim to have been kidnapped these days foster the belief that these extraterrestrial entities do exist and interact with humanity.

Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatrist (podiatry or orthopedic medicine is a branch of medicine dedicated to the study of diagnostics, medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities) and perhaps the most famous person in this field, was tasked with removing alien implants. He reportedly performed 17 operations during which suspicious objects were extracted, dubbed “implants.”

The astonishing aspect of all these alleged implants, according to Dr. Leir, is that they are the size of a pencil tip, yet they are incredibly magnetic, and some of them have a frequency that is too high for their size.
Metals such as gallium, germanium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, and iridium were found in the rest of the goods analyzed. Studies have also shown nickel leaking in amounts that laboratory analysis could not explain, and our planet’s nickel concentration in the isotope ratio is unknown.

According to Alex Mozier, a Ph.D. physical chemistry specialist who studied the components alongside Leir, fibers were discovered that are very close in nature to carbon nanotubes, implying that the fragments were planned or made and that identical artifacts could not be found in nature.

They must be treated, need sophisticated engineering, and are difficult to produce. Some of the world’s most prominent institutions, like the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the New Mexico Institute of Technology, and the University of California, San Diego, have explored these facilities scientifically.

Dr. Leir, who also served as a medical consultant for the Mutual UFO Network, stated the persons from whom the unusual items were retrieved had no obvious scars or skin abnormalities.

There were no evidence of irritation, but the attachment was plainly visible on radiography, which appeared hardly impossible.

Until date, medical professionals have shied away from ufology exams. Few scientists and physicians have dared to speak out about it, owing to their professional status.

So, what are these items that have been shown to exist? What further proof do we need if these artifacts indicate to an extraterrestrial origin?