John Lear, a former CIA pilot, reportedly asserted that the Moon is a habitable planet with more than 250 million inhabitants. Conspiracy theorists have a tendency to make reference to this figure frequently.

He said that he had seen odd structures on the Moon’s surface and even provided photographs to support his claims.

In fact, several amateur astronomers have lately captured images of the Moon’s surface that resemble holographic projections. Who knows, maybe this hologram is concealing the hidden society that many people fervently believe to be lurking on the Moon.

We can view some photographs from an observatory captured in 1947 in Lear’s film. According to them, they depict a massive disaster that happened northwest of the Endymion crater.

He continues by explaining how the Moon was formed inside of Jupiter more than 40 million years ago and how the electromagnetic course became fixed in the Earth’s orbit during the Ice Age. And at that point, society on the Moon began to emerge.

Even though the Greys reside under the surface and operate in enormous labs, Lear claims that all Moon dwellers are humanoid aliens.

He concluded by stating that the Earth is a type of planet, a jail where penalties are meted out. He concluded that there are several additional worlds like Earth. Draw your own judgments by watching the films below for additional information.