The pictures we’re about to show you were captured by a security camera inside a building in the United States and were made public by ufologist Rodrigo Giraldo. They depict a mystery creature that resembles the well-known GRAYS aliens.

An bright glow can be seen in the beginning of the infrared camera’s footage, which is undoubtedly the result of opening a portal or Stargate (Teleport). Then, out of nowhere, a weird figure with gray skin emerges. The alien arrives in the large space—possibly a store or apartment being redecorated—and briefly vanishes, becoming invisible to the camera. He then moves one of the building’s two steps, and after a little interval he reappears and quietly leaves the room.

From the enlargements of the video, it appears that the mysterious being with the appearance of a classic GRAY has black eyes and a very large head. The arms appear to be very long and may have a height of approximately 1.20 or 1.40 cm.

It disappears, moves a ladder and then after a short time comes out of the building again disappearing completely

Watch the video!