Here is incontrovertible, unambiguous, and physical proof that the “hotly debated” UFO known as the Black Knight Satellite is, in…

Here is incontrovertible, unambiguous, and physical proof that the “hotly debated” UFO known as the Black Knight Satellite is, in fact, genuine.

I’ll confess that for the longest time ever, even I believed that the Black Knight Satellite (BKS) was a contentious case of mistaken identification, a heat shield, or an outright fake! It seems to be much too wonderful to be true, correct? I often publish about “too good to be true UFO sightings,” and although some may be strongly challenged, if this is any indication, it demonstrates that even the most unlikely UFO sightings may be genuine. As a result, I’m not going to allow my preconceived notions prevent me from completely comprehending what we have in terms of UFOs or alien activities.

The very real, very significant, and incredibly magnificent anomaly known as the Black Knight Satellite “UFO” with the designation STS088-724-70 is detailed here. Even now, some individuals believe that the Black Knight Satellite UFO is not genuine or is a work of fiction. However, I can promise you that it is very, very real; moreover, did you know that some expert estimations place it in orbit around the Earth for up to or more than tens of thousands of years? That is astounding since it is not human space trash, it is not natural rock debris, and it has the form of an intelligently created “something?”

The NASA image below is taken directly from the NASA archives and is the identical image sans the zoom adjusted to view the BKS in more detail. This is why we see so many hazy UFOs: when people zoom closer on the UFO, it loses focus, or pixels, since the camera can’t properly adjust for something with a lower quality.

However, it is not a heat shield or a component of a Shuttle; it is not a piece of space trash slash space junk; nor is it a component of the International Space Station or the Soyuz space station that has escaped without the Astronauts’ knowledge.

FOOTAGE OF LEE LEWIS’S UFO SIGHTINGS: I am aware of that opposing piece of knowledge since everything is present and responsible. Additionally, there was no catastrophic depressurization!

Indeed, I’ve just identified another “piece of space debris/junk” with the picture number STS035-72-58 that has an unusual profile. I’m curious whether it is still the BKS but the shot was taken from a distance? I’m sure there is a lot of information included in the picture sequence from the run. This is the new image:

Additionally, here is the Wikipedia entry for the BKS: NASA picture obtained during Space Shuttle mission STS-88 depicting an item of “space trash,” an object believed by conspiracy theorists to be an extraterrestrial satellite called the Black Knight.

On a strange or serious note (depending on how you feel about this NASA video on the BKS), here’s the purported NASA video showing Astronauts recording themselves, but also photographing the so-called ridiculous Black Knight Satellite UFO haha. This is the BKS, NASA wants us to believe. I’m stunned into a laughing realm; what NASA wants you and me to think about the Black Knight Satellite UFO is absurd.

It is unrelated to the BKS. It bears no resemblance to it. To begin, it is silver. Take a look at this NASA video: