Here’s a movie comparing before and after satellite images, or film, of what looks to be an escaped “something” from…

Here’s a movie comparing before and after satellite images, or film, of what looks to be an escaped “something” from what appears to be a secret subterranean facility.

If I’ve introduced you to one unusual incident that occurred in Antarctica, I’m sure I’ve introduced you to a million strange occurrences from this strange country of strange secrets. From Admiral Byrd to the hypothesis of the Hollow Earth. I’ve also discussed Flying Saucers, which are readily seen in satellite photography.

I’ve brought you *Tanks in Antarctica in a four-pronged formation watching over a crashed UFO that people claimed was the foundations for a “science project’s headquarters,” and that was the most ridiculous opinion yet, unless Antarctica house foundations now have turrets and massive guns like the 120 mm smoothbore gun on these! Yes, all of the Tanks’ guns were directed towards this UFO!

King George Island in Antarctica may have a hidden subterranean base, cavern, layer of an unknown monster, or the Abominable Snowman. Excuse the final two, but before and after satellite photographs demonstrate that there is definitely an entry, that something is emerging from the opening, and that there was previously no “entity, being, or simply object” in the water, but that it is now visible in a later satellite shot.

Credit: UFO Sightings Hotspot/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Thus, I am assuming what is mentioned in the video; this is not an usual article for me, since I am mainly interested in UFO evidence and sightings. However, given that Antarctica has been the backdrop for a plethora of ancient and modern conspiracies, particularly with the US military recovering UFOs and concealing secret bases on the surface half buried in the ice, I figured I’d go ahead and share this story with the readers of this corner of the blogosphere.

Thus, UFO Mania, The Truth is Out There, which is not my favorite YouTube channel due to the PC voice (I agree that it should be used for disabled people exclusively), but this channel exploits it for anonymity and concealment. That is perfectly OK, I think.

Anyhoo, crap as it is, let’s delve into this crazy looking entity…

However, I believe that UFO Sightings Hotspot on Blogger is on to something. Is there a genuine possibility that something extraordinary has been captured here? Alternatively, there is a potential that this is nothing more than an old fisherman’s net carried there by the currents or an underwater stream. Whatever it is, it does not seem to belong there, and given the presence of a big entrance nearby, what are the possibilities of this item emerging?

Here’s the coordinates:

Coordinates: 62° 0’29.99″S 57°45’14.86″W

Here’s the full video: