Are you prepared to face information that directly contradicts the “global history” you were taught in school?Hundreds of incredibly unusual…

Are you prepared to face information that directly contradicts the “global history” you were taught in school?
Hundreds of incredibly unusual skulls have been uncovered all around the world in recent years. Scientific examinations of some of them firmly demonstrate that these archaic elongated skulls are NOT HUMAN.Many individuals are unable to accept what you are going to see due to its extreme nature.However, the fact is that ancient books have been warning us for thousands of years about these “hybrid creatures.” There are also some old Indian legends that assert that these animals existed in North America before to the arrival of the Indians.Indeed, one old Indian story describes a conflict between an Indian tribe and a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants. The Bible refers to these hybrids as “the Nephilim,” and evidence continues to accumulate that they were very real.Researchers have discovered several exceptionally big elongated skulls in Peru, notably on the Paracas peninsula. Brien Foerster shared a picture of one of these old skulls with intact red hair on his Facebook page:

Another example with red hair was found lately. However, this one was a child’s skull. Additionally, this image is from Brien Foerster’s Facebook page:

These elongated skulls are much bigger than typical human skulls. While deliberate cranial deformation may alter the contour of a skull, it cannot increase its volume.Additionally, these skulls exhibit a number of additional significant morphological traits that distinguish them significantly from typical human skulls. In the following five-minute video, Brien Foerster discusses several of these critical distinctions:

Foerster indicated in a recent interview with the Examiner that his study has lead him to believe that these animals are either “a separate species” or “a hybrid of human and extraterrestrial DNA”:

“In a recent video titled ‘Alien Hybrid Human Infant Discovered In Peru?,’ you show the remains of a baby with an extended skull and a fetus with an elongated skull. Do you have any suggestions about how these newborns’ heads were deformed naturally?Foerster: These are absolutely natural-looking specimens with considerable cranial volume. They are either an extraterrestrial species or a hybrid of human and alien DNA.”A sample of one of these skulls’ red hair was submitted to a laboratory for analysis. What was revealed was just astounding. Beginning around the ten-minute point of the following video, you can observe researcher L.A. Marzulli describe the findings of the lab:

Other study teams have reached a similar conclusion about these archaic elongated skulls. For instance, the following is an extract from a 2011 Daily Mail article:

“A mummified elongated skull discovered in Peru may ultimately establish the presence of extraterrestrials.
The peculiar form of its skull – almost as large as its 50cm (20in) body – has perplexed anthropologists.
It was one of two sets of bones discovered in the city of Andahuaylillas, Quispicanchi’s southern region.”
When an international team of anthropologists examined the discovered skull, they unanimously determined that it was “not human”:”Davila Riquelme said three anthropologists from Spain and Russia visited at the museum last week to evaluate the discoveries and agreed it was ‘not a human creature’ and that additional research will be conducted.
‘While the evaluation was shallow, it is clear that its characteristics do not correlate to any ethnic group in the globe,’ he noted.Another prehistoric skull that has generated much discussion in recent years is the so-called “Starchild Skull.” The following is a photograph of the “Starchild Skull” in comparison to a regular human skull:

Clearly, the physical contrasts are considerable. However, the Starchild Project wanted to go beyond. They wanted to do comprehensive DNA research on the skull to ascertain the creature’s true humanoid status.

We at the Starchild Project have known for 13 years that the Starchild Skull originated from a creature that was not totally human, if at all human. To begin, it has no physical resemblance to a regular human skull – none!Unfortunately, this remarkable discrepancy in physical comparisons never struck mainstream scientists since they could, and often did, glibly explain them all away by insisting: Nature can do anything! However, such was never the case.Nature, on the other hand, operates according to rigorous constraints that restrict life to well-defined confines specified by each species’s unique genetic code. No law is more solidly established than genetic law.Although fifty eyewitnesses may testify that a person committed a crime, if DNA proves otherwise, the witnesses are disregarded. DNA predominates in courts because it is biology’s math. It repeats what it says with such constancy that you may lay your life on it.”When they returned, the DNA test findings were completely unexpected. A small extract from the report follows:
“With regards to the Starchild’s critical mitochondrial DNA, our geneticist extracted four rather big segments totaling 1,583 base pairs, or 9.55 percent of the 16,569 base pair total for humans. As previously said, this is merely a partial finding; nevertheless, as previously stated, it is very suggestive of the eventual outcome of a whole mtDNA genome study.Within those 1,583 base pairs, the Starchild has a total of 93 variants that are not seen in the highly conserved human mitochondrial DNA genome. That’s 93 genes in less than 9.5 percent of the genome! It is already approaching the limit of 120 variants in human mitochondrial DNA. If we do a simple but extremely reliable mathematical extrapolation, increasing the 9.5 percent to 100% (times 10.5), we discover that the 93 established variables project to 977 variations!”I’ve included a video below with scholar Lloyd Pye discussing the Starchild skull:

The evidence that “people” other than humans formerly walked the globe continues to accumulate. They are referred to in the Bible as “the Nephilim.” Other ancient writings refer to them by other names. The Paiute Indians assert that they waged a fight in Nevada against a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants. Indeed, a handprint left by one of those giants has been discovered in a neighboring cave.
However, many individuals will never consider any of this. Because it contradicts the “established view of history” they have been taught their whole lives, they will just discard all of this without ever analyzing the facts.