According to William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer who worked for prominent US firms for four decades until 1984, a…

According to William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer who worked for prominent US firms for four decades until 1984, a supposed 1955 photograph of a flying saucer landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is authentic.

Tompkins’ career started in 1942 as a Naval Intelligence officer, when he briefed select US aerospace businesses on Nazi Germany’s secret antigravity spacecraft development.

He has provided several papers to substantiate his allegation that he was assigned to such a secret assignment and operated out of the Naval Air Station in San Diego.
Tompkins presented the photograph in a May 4 radio broadcast, claiming that it was shot during one of the many landings of friendly “Nordic extraterrestrial UFOs” aboard US Navy aircraft carriers:
It is one of many Nordic alien unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have landed on US Navy aircraft ships. And what you’re looking at… You’re looking at it from the bottom of the carrier’s bridge, since those earlier images were considerably farther forward than the later ones.

Tompkins describes how the alien vehicle would land and take the admiral of the naval combat group to the mothership in orbit, where he would meet with the leaders of a “Nordic Space Navy.”

“It’s a lengthy tale. They arrived on one of their spaceships. Thus, they descended to speak with the admiral who serves as commander of that specific combat group. And they completed their other programs and meetings, and our admiral departed with the captain assuming command of the ship and a few other persons, who boarded the vehicle and returned to the mothership. And, of course, they subsequently returned them.”

Tompkins stressed the regularity of such landings in light of the remote possibility that they may be seen while the ships were at sea:

As I was just saying, there is a full tale behind all of them… because… Okay? It’s convenient since they can’t be seen doing it.
On the right side of the photograph appear the words “Official United States Navy Photo,” implying that someone connected to the Navy arranged for its public publication.

Another of the May 4 radio guests, Frank Chille, detailed how he obtained a copy of the photograph and what he knew about it being in the possession of the United States Navy:

“The disk that landed aboard the aircraft carrier contains a little side tale. Believe it or not, Graham Bethune showed me the original shot more than 15 years ago… And it was in my hands. He let me to copy it. It was printed on very thin paper and stated on the reverse, “US Navy, top-secret, eyes only, 1955.”

[Update 5/11/16 – According to William Tompkins, there is a contradiction between the stated year of the photograph (1955) and the service years (1963–1997) of the A-6 Intruder aircraft seen on the deck of the aircraft carrier – the Coral Sea. Frank Chille alleges that the back of the photograph reads, “U.S. Navy, top-secret, eyes only, 1955,” and that Graham Bethune let him to make a duplicate in approximately 2000. One potential explanation for the date mismatch is that the picture was purposefully misdated in order for Bethune to distribute it unofficially and hence retain plausible deniability.]

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Tompkins’ confirmation that Commander Bethune’s picture supplied to Chille is authentic is very crucial. It exposes that as early as 1955, the US Navy was actively collaborating with a Nordic alien species.

Additionally, Tompkins asserts that during his tenure from 1951 to 1963 at the Douglas Aircraft Company’s covert think tank Advanced Design, he was supported by two Nordic female extraterrestrials disguised as regular secretaries.

They were secretly aiding him in developing kilometer-long spacecraft for the Solar Warden space program in the 1980’s.
As a result, it seems that the US Navy was directly involved in acquiring information about the activities and tasks of Nordic alien space war groups over the decades it took to build and create secret space battle groups.

Additionally, Tompkins claims that the Nordics were embroiled in a galaxy-wide struggle with Reptilian extraterrestrials who joined with Nazi Germany during World War II and aided the Germans in developing a secret space program in Antarctica.

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